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FDNY Warrior for CHOICE, Sophy Medina sporting her NFN Gear! We love and appreciate our friends over at Bravest for Choice and thank them for their support!


NFN Official Merchandise

The American Freedom Nurses’ Summit was postponed due to Hurricane Ian, but we now have an even BIGGER and BETTER lineup of courageous nurses that will be speaking at our conference.

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I would strongly encourage all frontline workers - FIRE/EMS, Law Enforcement, and Frontline Healthcare workers to join the coalition. Nurse Freedom Network is a 501c3 organization, so that does limit what we are able to do as far as lobbying to affect legislative change; that’s where NCFW would come alongside us and have a real impact in this arena by helping to bring our voices forward. NCFW is not affiliated or aligned with any political party.  A majority vote from the membership will be equivalent to boots-on-the-ground support and financial backing of chosen candidates.


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We are 100% supporter funded and grateful for your kind donations that assist us in furthering our mission. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization making your kind contributions tax-deductible.

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