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The situation seems similar to patients treated with Remdesivir for Covid. There are several lawsuits against Gilead moving through the courts. It seems very odd the hospital would intubate unless there was an obstruction. Hospitals have been incentivized to vent per Covid protocols. Could there be similar incentives for other health issues. I hope Autumn’s parents succeed in saving her. Please keep us posted.

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Hi Kim,

This is Mary, a retired PICU RN of 38 years from GA.

What is Autumn’s official diagnosis now? Still unclear what the dialysis was for. I am guessing she is unvaxxed which is another reason they are being vindictive. Did the mom and dad say there were any nurses on staff that seemed sympathetic? Have they demanded an Ethics consult?

She can certainly be transferred even while on a vent. We sent kids to CHOA in Atlanta that were gravely ill and unstable and their team came to pick them up from our unit. Does she have medical insurance? Her parents need to find a hospital (preferably not in CA) that will accept her. Once CPS gets their claws into her case, this will be much harder to do, especially across state lines. They also need a lawyer ASAP. In the meantime, they should verbally express their intent to bring a lawsuit against the hospital. That will get the hierarchy scrambling.

Stew Peters was a big help when another family had similar issues. Perhaps reach out to him.

God bless you for taking this on.


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I called... the phone number listed was ‘wrong’ so I reached Patient Services at 605-498-4847.

I’m a retired RN of over 40 years... this is CRIMINAL.. and I pray a legal team is also bought in ..

God Help this child & family!🙏

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I called and they connected me with security. Not sure how effective it was though because I didn’t really know what to say other than that the parent’s wishes should be followed and that there was a medical kidnapping. I told them that the public is aware. The guy wanted my name and I didn’t give it to him so he hung up on me.

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The two patients with HUS that I cared for in my many years in the PICU both went to Atlanta and both died.

I was always the nurse that they would assign to difficult /needy families and so I could always see both sides. Often, families would confide in me and tell me things that they had told no one else during their admissions, not even the physicians. There were many times when the families were right about certain things and the doctors were not. I would always say things like, “If this were my child, I might consider asking for such and such or have you thought about what might happen if…..” and stare hard at the parents. I never had anybody that didn’t understand what I was trying to get across. In all 38 years, I could count on one hand the families that did not like me or want me to take care of their child, and literally I took care of thousands of them. I also had lots of dealings with DFCS, both at the hospital and in my years of volunteering, and I helped a lot of families navigate that system. Once you come to their attention, it is very hard to get them out of your life.

Also, for the reason I stated in the first post, I still have not called the hospital, and I have called many other times in the past about these types of situations.

Thank you for your opening sentence. I appreciate it. Our medical system is broken and highly dysfunctional. I trust very few providers now. I know how hospital hierarchy closes ranks when they are being confronted and threatened. I am pretty sure I know how this family is being treated, and I also know if I was their daughters’s nurse, they would have a secret ally behind the scenes offering support and encouragement.

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What you are doing here is shameful.

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My gosh, with all I've seen in the last couple years, I'm still shocked at what is happening to Autumn. If I was in Northern California. I would join protests at the hospital in a heartbeat. As such, I plan to donate to Kimberly's organizations to do what I can and encourage others to do so. Thanks to Kimberly for your continued actions to spread the truth and save lives.

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